Bananach Brings “Panoptic Litter” EP for Germany Tour

Bananach went for a tour in Germany with their latest EP, Panoptic Litter.
Image by Bananach

Going beyond the wall, Bananach, a local pop-punk unit took their noise to an international stage in Germany. Hitting the road with its latest EP, “Panoptic Litter”, Bananach echoed their grounded-punk rock energy at Decolonoize Festival in Berlin. What a dime to be found around Bandung’s music scenery

Giving the fuzziness over their eloquent music, Bananach is a joint head of the rock-genius of Karina Sokowati (vocal), Mojan Larasati (guitar), Fay Murray (drum) and Java Anggara (bass). In total 5 songs of 16 minutes tracks, Bananach’s Panoptic Litter talks about the misfits and stereotypical dooms around them. 

Cited in “Lethal Messy” as an opening racket, Bananach speaks of the social conundrums which loudly evoke their deep and thick grounded sounds. To stick on with the heavy-stuff, Bananach slips in the track of “Sick Mind” between the legs of lyrical-narrative.  Followed with the explosive songs, Bananach wrapped up the cheesy cupcake with their own distortions. And to close out, “Virgin Fuckboi” puts an end of this EP.

For the record, Bananach rocked the stage of Decolonoize Festival in Berlin last Saturday (28/05/22). Don’t forget to check out their songs in Bananach’s bandcamp channel.

And please have a moment to hear of this single by Bananach, below :

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