Batavia Collective Shared its New Jazzy Pitch in “Propulsion”

In order to dance, BTVC shared its latest assemble of Propulsion.
Image by Batavia Collective

A new dazzling exploration of Batavia Collective, Propulsion is now kicking a new mesmerizing sip of jazzy pitch. Rolling around the corner of heavy-beat and lurch of tick, Doni, Elfa, and Kenny make their own surge of this compiling breath taking exploration. Throughout “Propulsion”, an erratic sound, Batavia collective delivers and covers up a pit of chopping jazz and pop-hop under the umbrella of R&S Records.

This new tone by BTVC followed up their latest compilation of “Affirmation”. A misty-dramatic melancholia breaks a new piece of Batavia Collective upon its new drenching beats. The pin point isn’t only orbiting around the jazz planetarium, as it’s said by BTVC,

“We are often asked what kind of jazz this is. To tell you the truth we don’t know. We don’t even know if our music can be considered jazz or not.”

Propulsion is circling around the unlimited scope of genre as BTVC snoop between a pleasant mixture of pleasing music. This endless perpetuation by Batavia Collective delivers a new road of modern gaudy jazz.

Just try to listen to this beat on the link below :

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