Boring with the island of god? Here’s what to do in Bali!

Bali we're coming!
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The island of god! Bali is such a beautiful island. There are so many things to do, which definitely brings so much fun. Taking a break to Bali is always the right choice and brings good vibes. 

However, what is too much has never been a good idea. Well, being in Bali every holiday season is an example of what is too much anyways. Something that became a routine will always bring boredom.

To help you out, here is a recommendation of what to do something un-boring in Bali:

  • Hip, Hip, Hooray! Culinary time!

As one of the famous islands in Indonesia, Bali has one of the best food to try! Their flavorful dishes will always go right to complete your hungriness. Especially if you like spicy that much, those dishes will satiate your mouth with the spiciness until your mouth get watery, so don’t forget to order your drinks unless you can hold the spiciness.

Well, do not worry, if you can’t overeat spicily, there is also some other food that can save your hangry belly! Or even just simply order the famous smoothie bowl to accompany your stomach during breakfast. Being healthy is also a good idea tho!

  • Hmm, Get tattooed? Fun!

People say that your body is your own canvas, isn’t it? So why don’t you try to draw things on your canvas? Let’s have some fun and un-boring experience on the island of gods. You will never forget the moment you get tattooed in here.

Bring your flash tattoo to the nearest tattoo studio, prepare yourself, and it’s your time to get tattooed! Oops, before that, do not forget to get your permission unless you’re a rebel person, but I recommend you obtain permission, though!

  • Still boring? Let’s dance a little bit!

A Festival is always a good idea, right? Dancing around the excellent music with a good surround, How is it? It sounds so much fun. Good vibes, a Nice island, and dance through the moment and let’s take a break. 

Are you planning to go to Bali this weekend? What about having some fun at Joyland Festival? Bring your friend or just simply go alone and find a new friend at the festival. Routine is so boring, so why don’t we have some fun at the festival instead of being on the beach just for once? YOLO!

  • Come to a Festival That Has a Pleasant Experience

there is Joyland Festival which will be held in Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua Bali. Here’s the starter pack

Plan in advance: First of all, for you who’s coming from the other island you have to grab a cheaper flight and a few extra perks.

Prioritize Location & Transportation: Joyland Festival is located in Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua Bali. booking a hotel that near to the event venue is the best way to prioritize your transportation, it is located 22 kilometers from Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, and is administered under South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

Memorize or Grab a Schedule and Venue Map: You can use the schedule to keep track of your favorite artists’ performances and plan your day accordingly. In contrast, the festival venue map will visually show where venues and activities are taking place. Always grab both beforehand, as Joyland festival are jam-packed, and the venues are huge!

Pack Your Festive Outfits and Essentials!: Deciding on everyday outfits is a daunting task in itself, but choosing festival season outfits is at a whole new level. Sunny days spent at the beach are unmatched, no doubt. Wear your best and adorable spring/summer outfit that feel breezy, and soak up the summer vibes for the Joyland festival.

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