Indische Garden Party: A Live EP by Indische Party

Released as part of the rollout of their third album.
Indische Garden Party
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Indische Party has just released a new Live EP, Indische Garden Party. The EP is a documentation of a virtual concert that they had aired around October last year. Indische Party made the concert footage into a release as part of the rollout of their third full-length, which is set to be released later this year.

“Indische Garden Party is a special program that was made by us, especially for fans who already miss Indische Party live concert. The content is that in the live session Indische Party will perform songs that we rarely play on stage,” said Japs Shadiq (vocalist) in a statement.

Indische Garden Party contains 5 selected songs from every Indische Party releases performed with arrangements that are exclusively composed for the live set, giving the songs a breath of fresh air feelings. The album also marks the joining of Warman Nasution who will accompany Andre “Kubil” Idris as a guitarist. Another surprise in the tracklist is some vocals additions by Tika Pramseti (drummer) who also sings on the tracks “Ingin Dekatmu” and “Duka Akhir Kemarau”.

“Listening to the songs in this Indische Garden Party EP is like hearing Indische Party live, full of improvisation, and spontaneity, only without the energy of the audience singing along,” added Japs Shadiq.

Indische Garden Party is now available on various streaming platform.

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