Indonesian Graphic by Grafis Nusantara & Kamengski

Grafis Nusantara wants to show the richness of graphics of the archipelago
Image by Grafis Nusantara

Strolling and exploring the diversity of graphic design in Archipelago for a long time, Grafis Nusantara has finally published its first design book titled ‘Grafis Nusantara–Koleksi Label dan Stiker’

In the release of this first book, Grafis Nusantara partnered with Kamengski as a studio publisher and collaborator who developed this book together and will produce merchandise ranging from T-shirts to stickers.

This book explores in depth a collection of labels and stickers with vintage graphics from the 70s to 90s. This collection of labels and stickers is very varied, ranging from labels for cigarettes, batik, tea, and “angkot” stickers as well as slogan stickers that were once popular; religious-themed, have cartoon designs, comics, and so many others.

Through this book, Grafis Nusantara wants to show the richness of graphics in various regions and corners of the archipelago, which is expected to provide knowledge as well as reference material. This book is intended to be a visual archive showing the history and development of graphic design in Indonesia from time to time; it can be seen from the composition and typography that can deliver the trends and technology of the time, including the style of language that can represent the social situation at that time.

Rakhmat Jakat started the Grafis Nusantara platform and book to honor Indonesian vintage graphics, an area of profound inspiration for him. In this book, he presents a collection of more than 200 labels and stickers that have become part of his personal collection since 2014.

This book was also assisted by designer Evan Wijaya, who presented a visually appealing design book that was collectible and visually appealing.

This first book of Grafis Nusantara — Koleksi Label dan Stiker will be published simultaneously with the exhibition at Footurama, South Jakarta, on March 11 online and offline.

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