“Lantun Mustahil,” A Nautical Tale by Silampukau

Silampukau has released a new single entitled "Lantun Mustahil"
Lantun Mustahil Silampukau
Image by Silampukau

Surabaya’s folk orchestra, Silampukau, has released a new single entitled “Lantun Mustahil”, on Moso’iki Records. This song was arranged by Kharis Junandharu, and recorded at Moso’iki Studio throughout March, with Indra Perkasa acting as the producer as well as the sound engineer.

The song sees Silampukau sings about the anxiety of someone who is suddenly in danger of being killed by a storm in the middle of a voyage. Human weakness in predicting the future that causes calamities to always seem to come instantly without warning, as well as the impossibility of situations that must be endured without being fully controlled, is the underlying theme of the new single. A theme that, like it or not, they had to admit was inspired by the pandemic that suddenly raged in 2020, shattering all of humanity’s best plans and hopes.

“Lantun Mustahil” was written by Eki Tresnowening and Kharis Junandharu. As coastal residents, they assume that the repertoire of domestic songs with the theme of maritime life is considered very small for an archipelagic republic whose territory consists mostly of water. The sea becomes a kind of forgotten backyard in Indonesian music.

The song arrives in mid-May, at the end of the unpredictable end of the western monsoon. To welcome the arrival of the east monsoon to Indonesian territory—as a kind of celebration of the calm seas that will soon come, as a kind of reminder of the turbulent waves and bad weather that the west monsoon always brings—which will soon leave, which will surely return in half a year. “Lantun Mustahil” is a small story from Silampukau to enliven the unfortunate stories that still haunt the ocean workers to this day.

“Lantun Mustahil” by Silampukau is now available for streaming on various streaming platforms.

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