Musics Round Up: 2022’s Best Albums

We round up some of the bliss we found in 2022.

It’s been a week, still some of those tracks are clapping through our days. To cherish the past impressive and gallant release, we rounded up our version of “Musics Round Up: ‘22 Finest Albums”. Through some tough and grueling talks, we narrowed down 10 of the finest albums which are believed to be the most indigenous and pleasurable playlist. Bless all the good hearts who made this happen. 

Alvvays – Blue Rev

A hefty pop perfection in Blue Rev leads back into Alvvays’s ideal hummable sugary shoegaze. Blue Rev’s familiar hooks, licks and clever lyrics could be named as their third and best record so far. Alvvays may come to an edge whereas the portion of power pop furnished beneath its musical lexicon.

Favorite Tracks : “Belinda Says” & “Pharmacist”

Weyes Blood – And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

The cure of pain is companionship, that’s what Natali Mering said echoing her folksy mythical orchestra. This album is an alluring ode to its roomy-scratches. Weyes Blood condemns her spelling feeling into its beautiful string melodies.

Favorite Tracks : “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody” & “Hearts Aglow”


The most anticipated sophomore album after her game-changer debut loaded with 23 tracks of heart-break bites. S.O.S is sort of a deliberate manifestation she puts on in a long ambitious and luxurious personification. She attempts to master the art of inner monologue which seems as an enjoyable love-heart-break story.

Favorite Tracks “Nobody Gets Me” & “Shirt”

Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There

A sonic and atmospheric marvel. The band’s use of unconventional time signatures and instrumental layering creates a sense of chaos and energy that is once disorienting and exhilarating. No one but Isaac Wood who repeatedly points out the whole thematic centerpiece of “Ants From Up There”.

Fav Songs: “The Place Where He Inserted The Blade”, “Concorde”

The Smile – A Light of Attracting Attention

Thom Yorke reunites with Jonny Greenwood, as well as Sons Of Kemet’s own drummer Tom Skinner, crafting a rich and varied palette of songs with the perfect signature blend of electronic and organic instrumentation. The moon of this album is circled over the minimal, triumphant groove shift, melodic flourish and the slinky menace over the end.

Favorite Tracks: “Pana-vision” & “Speech Bubbles”

Perunggu – Memorandum 

A solid year for Perunggu, Memorandum is a grail of imperfection, bitter-sweet reality cloaked and shooted in between 11 wholesomes rock anthems racks. Everyone might agree that the pretentious songs of Memorandum are the best local release in 2022. The stream of 00’s music scapes glamorously speaks for some unfortunate and blissful evening.

Favorite Tracks: “Ini Abadi” & “Pastikan Riuh Akhiri Malamu”

The Jansen – Binal Semakin Banal

Stuck in the 70’s, The Jansen continue to have fun on their third album, with lyrics that reference old-timey terms. This punk-rock quartet may represent the late bloom of global punk with its high-tempo and super catchy lyrics. The Jansen creates a daily-list for us all through some lousy path we step on.

Favorite Tracks: “Mereguk Anti Depresan Lagi” & “Langit Tak Seharusnya Biru”

Rekah – KIAMAT

Making waves with their smashing debut, Rekah addresses heavy themes of social justice and political activism. It’s a loud cycling scream that echoes beneath the 9 songs of “Kiamat”. This album maturely notes and underlines the eccentric sounds of black-gaze.


SCALLER – Noises & Clarity

The domestic wizards of “Noise & Clarity”, Stella & Reney demonstrate the loop of palpable overdrive, fuzz, electronic flairs in the perfect portions. This second album declares its personal strums of this modern-rock duo defining and demonstrating SCALLER’s sound-crafting.

Favorite Tracks: “Inside My Head” & “Born & Die”

FLEUR! – Fleur Fleur FLEUR!

This colored vintage totem paints its own chromatic grooves of the 60’s. Fleur!’s dashing-prom chores are the distinct hue of 22’s music release. This album may find you a little guidance, to be guided in a certain time while you grow as a person while dance away the reality.

Favorite Tracks: “Merona” & “Lagu Lama”

Honorable Mention:

  • Beach House – Once Twice Melody 
  • Black Midi – Hellfire
  • Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
  • Fountaine D.C – Skinty Fia
  • Arctic Monkeys – The Car

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