Never Pull Out the Break “HAREM IS DISCIPLINE”

"Harem is Discipline" is a new ensemble of Ican Harem's world.
Image by Galih

You only live once, said Ican Harem, the man of discipline. Working with this attitude, Ican Harem creates his amusement of fashion and style in “HAREM IS DISCIPLINE”. This new ensemble of his typical deconstructed fashion sparks his message, to strive and survive. Firm and meaningful, through stitching and sewing, Harem visualizes the urban life struggle into a collection of his own.

The spike of hope will always be out there. Through a short message Ican send out to us, he reclaims all the state of sorrow he has witnessed all along. The peak of the hard time is seen never coming to an end. Living between the buzzy alley and deadly highway, Ican Harem attempts to speak the soury truth about urban life with this ensemble.

“So now I’ll take life by the balls and squeeze until they crunch…Maybe it’s just the times we live in. Maybe it’s just urban discipline”.

Slipping the note of struggling and surviving, this collection is the blank canvas in which Ican pour all the thought of fighting stumbling. There’s a little pinch of word to dwell upon his works. Ican’s distinct style is off the table to argue. This arrangement of “HAREM HIS DISCIPLINE is an open book to manifest itself.

Have a deep look on this collection and grab some for yourself on WWW.ICANHAREM.COM.

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