“OurSong” NFT for Musicians and Artist by John Legend 

John and Ken Cheung team up for a music NFT platform.
“OurSong” NFT by John Legend
Source : Twitter

Again NFT became an essential topic in the celebrity world. American singer-songwriter and 12-time Grammy winner John Legend has announced the launch of a new NFT platform for music and art.

The move by John Legend again adds to the line-up of singers who began to enter the world of NFT. The platform Legend launched allows artists to be token and sell their work, giving buyers privileges such as access to unreleased music and private chat rooms.

Founded by John Legend, Chris Lin, Ken Cheung, leading media technologists and futurists. The platform aims to bring creators together by simplifying the NFT creation process. In this project, Legend is the Chief Impact Officer. At the same time, Chris Lin, co-founder of digital music streaming service KKBOX, will serve as the company’s CEO.

OurSong is the first project by the team it is considered a social trading platform where users can turn their ideas into tradable assets. However, the most exciting feature is that the platform does not require users to have a crypto wallet.

“We make and buy NFT very easy. Everyone can now turn stories, music, photography, and all kinds of art into NFT trading cards called Vibes,” OurSong said in a statement. In addition, OurSong is also very optimistic about the projects they work on and the company’s development in the future.

“We are excited for the future of OurSong and giving musicians and artists a platform to create and share their work,” the company wrote on Twitter.

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