Samuel L. Jackson Accepts His-First-Ever Oscar

Samuel L. Jackson received his first Oscar Award given by the academy.
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Despite the rumble ruining the night, Samuel L. Jackson made the night memorable for his career as he got himself his first-ever Oscar. Handed by Denzel Washington, this honorary Oscar is bestowed upon Samuel. L Jackson for his dedication to his fifty years career as an actor. 

“I’m really proud to receive this statue,” Jackson said. “This thing is going to be cherished.”

Yeah, after 152 films he starred in, this honorary award is an endowment to payback Jackson’s dedication over a half century career spanning. Welcoming Jackson on stage, Denzel Washington mentioned the actor’s prolific vocation in both film and philanthropy for which Jackson also endeavored himself in charities and social movements. 

This awarding section is an untelevised ceremony that also fulfills a tribute for some notable names such as Elaine May (Writer and Director), Liv Ullmann (Actress and Director). This opportunity is a beautiful gesture shown by the Academy in aims to revisit some beloved actors and directors which arguably deserves the honorary award.

Speaking of awards, a disgraceful act seemed to be a bummer in between this respectable awarding. Please don’t pick a side, Rock and Smith are both adults.

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