Six Songs to Know: POSTAL’s Artists Banger Playlist

Party bangers are already here, let's check out the lineups songs pick.
Illustration by Abdi El Mateen

A collaboration that deserves more celebration on stage, POSTAL is an event collaboration between the party-archiving platform, Post Party Syndroma, and a meme-based healing page, Post Alay. They are giving a clean slate to Surabaya’s party scene for the first time. This relation continues from PPS (Post Party Syndroma) annual event in Jogja, Introvert Club #3.

The connection between Bali and Jogja that resulted in an event in Surabaya, POSTAL can be considered a substantial event, especially for the party scene itself. Harmony wrapped in joy with a touch of electronic music, PPS & Post Alay are a group of figures who might be able to recharge the party scene in Surabaya.

Illustration by Djoko Iksan

From each musical background, POSTAL becomes a meeting point that unites all musical intellectuals from their five lineups. In this Six Songs to Know episode, we had the opportunity to talk and share about some of the selected songs from the lineups that will be playing at the POSTAL on October 14th.

1. Lee Scratch Perry – I Chase The Devil (by Mote Soundsystem)

Mote Soundsystem: We think all dub selectors know Lee Scratch Perry, he is a dub revolutionary who is the reason we, Mote Soundsystem was born. The sound samples, vocals and FX are very unique and independent on all of Perry’s tracks, “I Chase The Devil” is one of the iconic dub tracks. Dub and reggae are all mixed in there and the melodic arrangements are timeless for sure.

2. Skream – Burning Up (by Tover)

Tover: Di awal awal mulai ngulik musik elektronik, Skream jadi salah satu influence sampe sekarang, high tempo dan ambience yang bener bener jungle bikin aku semangat buat ngulik lagu lagu modelan gini.

3. Sanjonas – Shaman (by Sanjonas)

Sanjonas: Dari album split Kanon. Soalnya fast pace aja produksinya dan musiknya. Neckbreaker lah wqwqwq.

4. P*Light – Trigger Happy (by Funtime)

Funtime: Soalnya itu lagu emang energy happy sama fun nya itu bener bener hyper sih dan tambah lagi dengan BPM yang tinggi untuk di enjoy.

5. KW Griff, Pork Chop – Bring in The Katz (by Mairakilla)

Mairakilla: Ini dia tracknya yang menginspirasiku, dulu di tahun 2018 pertama kali seumur hidup main di party. Termasuk salah satu lagu yang membentu adventurenya seorang Mairakilla.

6. Aphex Twin – Flim (by POSTAL)

POSTAL STATEMENT: Postal originally was triggered by internet era absurdity between memes and nonsense. Never thought that connection and being nice to each others in front of our keyboards were so meaningful, we are finally here. Surabaya had a lot of things but mostly you found boredom too, right? We never said our party is the best ever, but one thing we could guaranteed, is we were here to have an ecstatic funtime :*

See you guys on 14th October at Cloud22 Rooftop Bar Lv.22 Double Tree by Hilton, Surabaya.

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