Tender Shoots MV: ‘Alive Again’ (Acoustic Version)

A warmer touch of Alive Again's acoustic version by Tender Shoots is out now in MV...
Image by Tender Shoots

After releasing their debut single “Alive Again” last August, Tender Shoots presents this number again in an acoustic version. Tender Shoot offers a warmer and more intimate atmosphere in this latest version. Abandoning the complex instruments in the original version, Jugo and Omar come with acoustic guitars and bitter piano accompaniment. In his latest arrangement, the meaning of the song “Alive Again” which according to Jugo, “About someone who misses his old self, his free self. He’s longing to feel alive again,” becomes deeper.

To strengthen their emotions, Tender Shoots also presents a music video that they play themselves. Directed by Dhiwangkara Seta, the acoustic version of the music video “Alive Again” was conceptualized as a continuation of the previous “Alive Again” music video produced by the director from Seoul, South Korea, Min Soo Park.

Image by Tender Shoots — Press

In the music video by Min Soo Park, a young couple in Seoul is told who ends tragically after dating. However, a missing person’s search poster was seen along the way, which contained a photo of Jugo and Omar. What happened is still a mystery. This point is the main background taken by Dhiwang for the acoustic version of the music video “Alive Again”. Dhiwang starts the video by inviting us to enter an abandoned building on a cloudy and humid day. Then it was revealed in one of the rooms that Jugo and Omar had been held captive and bound to their bodies and feet for days. Surrendered, helpless, and without hope of life, both seem to be forced to keep singing songs about feeling energy.

The acoustic version of “Alive Again” is one of the numbers in the Alive Again EP, which contains various versions of the single “Alive Again” from sketches demos to the final version. Hummingbird Records has released this EP in limited edition and digital cassette format. Tender Shoots is the newest pop duo formed by Jugo Djarot and Omar Prazhari. They are currently preparing for their debut EP, which can be anticipated this 2022. Watch the MV below.

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