Terrarium: Vicious Pain x Reverseas Charms The Exploration of Staples

A new curtain of massive collaboration digging on staples and perfume.
Images by Vicious Pain

Vicious Pain and Reverseas wrap up a land of exploration in a lost world of Terrarium. This co-joined collection is introduced in a believable huge pack of apparel, perfume and accessories. 

A new terrain indeed, Vicious Pain redeems the kicks of graphic venture in a daily-basis fit. Looking up to this luminous pack, Terrarium drop is attached with some knit-wears, puffy jacket, t-shirts, trouser and a compact flip seat all in a boarding lateral touch of Revearseas.

What’s so new about this modest collection is the fussing of perfume thingy sprouting with Amberga and Animalia bottles by Reverseas. These two perfumes are labeled with a uniquely deep and warm scent. It’s made as close as a clear smell of forest calming scent.

Another break captured is the swell-dope introduction made by Vicious Pain and Reverseas inviting Royes as the grand animator. Terrain drop is shouted with a clip of animation originated by Royes.

Terrain collection has been publicly displayed back at USS ’22 from 9 till’ 11 December 2022. For now, Terrain is available via Vicious Pain and Reverseas’ official webstore.

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