Have A Lot of Creative Ideas? Build Your Own Community!

To put all the creative heads are the bright way to engage the scene.

Since the pandemic hit us, making friends and building a community seems more complicated and hard to do because of the isolation requirement. Well, obviously, we keep and stay in touch with the closest one, but it feels more diminishing and harder to keep the community like it used to be.

Despite that, being in the creative industry is fun and challenging simultaneously, so running a community is essential for our well-being. It is crucial to building your own supportive and creative-minded network. 

Creative community comes in various shapes and sizes. They mostly turn creative ideas into reality. Creativity needs Creativity, so that is the purpose of having a Creative Community.

Here are some tips for you to build your creative community:

Huh? Sorry? What’s your purpose?

Knowing your purpose is the most important thing to building your community. It will lead you to what you must do next for the community. It also helps you to find the right person to belong to in your community. The strong community has a powerful sense of purpose, and the people’s roles are valuable to the community.

  • As a leader, you have to take control and be clear about your vision and mission for the community. Give them a sense of your creative point of view in the community, so they understand the context and know how to be proactive in the community. These will help you strengthen the community.
  • As a fellow, You’ll definitely have to support your creative fellow, be proactive in the community and know that your ideas are essential for the community. Your assistance will be helpful to the community.Ow Ow Ow, You’re belonging are important here!

Ow Ow Ow, You’re belonging are important here!

Don’t ever feel like you don’t belong in your community. Feel kinship, camaraderie, and connectedness as a part of the thriving community. There is definitely a place for you and a role for each person in the community.

You’re valuable in the community for what you have done. As a creative community, high levels of trust and being supportive for what we’ve done together are necessary. Your belonging to the community is essential—nonetheless, your creative ideas and the value you give. 

Adjust your community and make it big, as big as your dream!

The strong community will constantly adjust and get bigger. These communities are always evolving and eager to have new accomplishments. Supporting members that are brave enough to take risks, try new things, and innovate. 

A strong creative community can turn conflict into creative and new ideas. Find the positive, adjust, and work through the differences of opinion to embrace your creative community and achieve your dream with more significant circumstances.

What’s the point of everything if you don’t execute? Make it happen!

Well, what is the point of every process your community has been through if you don’t make it happen, right? It’s definitely will worth the process after you make it happen. The creative ideas finally turn into something real!

All the happy faces from your surroundings, community, and fellow will be worth every milestone your community has made. Not only that, but it will also help you get trust for other projects and a challenge for your community to make something more.

Get along and Collab! Nice huh?

After everything you have worked for the community, it’s time to bring your community outside. Get along with everyone with the same vision and mission and collab to bring a new achievement to your community as well as their community.

The collaboration will help the communities achieve a big achievement together, along with the process that includes brainstorming and execution.  Instead of having a competition with other creative communities, why not have a collaboration that will help you both get to grow more? This collaboration will help you have a friend that struggles with the same problem and turn it into a thing.

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