Rekindle Work Pleasures After a Long Holiday

The holiday is over, work pleasures is absoluter.
Illustration by Djoko Ikhsan

Returning back to the office after a long vacation definitely feels so hard. It’s okay to feel slow. Vacations do relax our minds indeed. However, the holidays are over, and we should get ready to focus on work again. Don’t worry, maybe these tips will help you keep your spirits up on the first day of work.

Dressed Up As You Like

A study conducted in 2010 by scientists at the University of Rochester showed that wearing clothes in attractive shades will impact your moods.

Prepare your best work outfit to encourage you better. The choice of blue as a work outfit, such as a blue shirt, can make you more peaceful and concentrate on work. Or do you want to try to be more cheerful? Maybe sometimes you can mix and match the color of a lighter colored shirt with neutral-colored pants?

Breakfast is a Must!

To start an activity feels undone if the stomach crackles down. Besides being good for your health, breakfast has a role in raising your mood.

You can have breakfast with a cup of coffee or bread and even a simple omelette. Even if breakfast becomes impossible, brunch might be an option to fill your energy.

Cleans Up Your Messy Desk

Some people have cleaned their desks before going on vacation. However, still take your time to prepare it again on the first day of work. This can be a way to start work instead of turning on the computer to open the e-mail.

Take the first hour to get things organised. Tidying up the room, taking drinks or snacks, and preparing work tools can be done.

Start Your Day With Easiest Task

After a long holiday, there must be a lot of work to be done. Moreover, some tasks pile up massive. You should start with the most accessible tasks to avoid getting stressed. Don’t take on a tough job right away.

Make a list of the easy steps that need to be done first. No cap, we believe the next task will be easier to handle.

Maintain a Positive Feeling in All You Do

Some of you may think that working is an absolute necessity. However, having a positive attitude will most likely change your point of view on what you do in the future.

All these words seemed cliche yet helpful. Start your steps with a positive mind, we hope all you can do brings some positive too.

Good Music is a Good Move

For some people, music is a powerful stress distraction machine, music has a big enough share in people’s productivity nowadays. Set your playlist on, and imply to the songs to build up your mood better. We recommend you to listen to the cheerful/upbeat one.

Let them spin til your tasks are done one by one.

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