Weekly Tips : Writes Write (Don’t we?)

The silver lining tips of writing will help you get through the hole of words.
Illustration by Djoko Ikhsan

First, we are all on the same page as we learn to write better day by day. Second, we aren’t trying to overstep the sanctuary of personal writing tricks but these tips may help you to set the ground base before you start puzzling the words. We hope these humble lists will find you a settlement to write whatever you want to write. 

Just Write

First of all, you have to let it flow. Don’t let the words puzzling you in a swamp of imagination that hasn’t moved you a bit from your keyboard. Crating a line of words may take less than you thought after you throw away the hesitations that hold you back.

Create A Framework

Let’s say that writing is a part of art making. From now on, you may consider establishing a clear path that will lead you into a piece of constructive writing.

Find Your Own Voice

Don’t be someone else’s blank-canvas, write your own words. We might breathe the same air but we share no sounds in common. The words selections, idioms, expression, metaphors or even tone are the individual fondness over the work each of us do. And most importantly, stick with it.

References Are The Lubricants

Books, records and films, these things matter. It may sound super cliche but it’s the truth that may find people accelerating the ability to write. Popular culture and whatnots are simply an open dictionary whereas you can tip or tap some ideas.

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